Installing Windows 7 Error help


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I've come across this error message when installing "Windows 7 x64 Ulti" "Windows cannot be installed to this disk, The selected disk is of the GPT partition style".

I have Windows 8 Installed, it came with the laptop. I have tryed all options on my side e.g. legacy mode, boot order.

I am trying to dual boot windows 8 and 7. Can someone help me out?

Joe S

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Look down in the Windows 8 area you might find more info there.

Have you made a partition to install windows 7 on? Usually when dual booting windows 7/8, ideally you want to have windows 7 installed first then install windows 8 because of the dual boot option of windows 8 is more efficient then the one of windows 7. Since yours came preinstalled with windows 8, this is a new one for me. Let me do some checking and I get back to you on this.

Joe S

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I wonder if the problem has to do with secure Boot and UEFI. That's all pretty new and not well understood yet.


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I am dual booting with win 7 and win 8. I done it in the UEFI mode. The problem I had was that I did not have Windows 8 Feature disabled. That was located in Windows 8 Configuration. I have an MSI MB. Don't know how other boards are set up.


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Do you know how to boot the Windows 7 DVD in UEFI mode? You normally need to use the Boot Device menu and look for a designation of UEFI in conjunction with the install media.

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