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Since I replaced the motherboard on my IBM ThinkCentre, I'm getting some odd error messages on the BIOS preboot screens. First, it mentions that a processor BIOS wasn't found and a configuration change error. On the next screen titled as in this post's title above, it shows indications of it attempting to "initialize and link" with something, for a number of seconds, before it lists the errors saying that it failed to locate media, and to check the cable. Finally, it then commences to boot normally to XP.

I've been Googling around some, and am getting a vague idea of what this is about, but the more that I Google, the more confused I get. The fact that these issues appear on BIOS screens, before the OS even starts to load, would seem to indicate that this is only a problem with some BIOS setting, but from what I've read, it speaks of a software package being involved, rather than one that is firmware.

The only thing I've come across regarding what could be a BIOS setting appears to be something for use in a network, which at least currently I'm not using. The only thing that I've come across in terms of software that may be involved is for TPM, which for privacy concerns, I've not installed.

I currently have no idea if any of this would effect that computer's ability to participate in a hardwired LAN, because though I have installed the driver for the ethernet controller, which I think I would only use for making it involved in a LAN, for getting a grasp of the situation, I'm wondering if that TPM drivers would be necessary if I decided to hardwire it to my network? If so, that would make it easier to decide whether to disable the boot agent altogether, or to try to fix it so that while it remains available, it doesn't appear on each boot and slow down the booting time?

If someone could help me get my head around this, I would appreciate it.


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I went ahead and disabled the network connection options in the BIOS, and that deleted the boot agent errors mentioned, but it still squawks about no processor BIOS update being found, and I'm still looking for some insight into these matters.

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