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I am facing issues with internet after installing windows 8.1 PRO Build 9600. My internet (on WIFI) stops working all of a sudden though i am able to sucessfully ping sites etc. I use firefox(primarily) and chrome(secondary) both of them dont work. I am able to get things back to normal after i reboot. This is a nagging problem because i have to reboot the machine in middle of things frequently. I tried to update/refresh wifi once.

Please help out/any ideas on the fix. would be greatful.
I have tried installing WIFI driver etc.
I have a hp compaq 420 4gb ram intel core2duo 2.1ghz..


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Hi Ashok,
Sorry to hear about your Internet problems. The #1 cause of failure in HP-Compaq's older than 3 years, is the hard drive, #2 cause is viruses. These are the things I suggest you try and report back on the results so we can advise you further:

You need to test your hard drive for failure and Windows for possible corruption. It's always best to test your hard drive first, as it's the #1 cause of failure in laptops 2 years old and older which yours is. Download the free SEATOOLS drive diagnostic from and create a boot disc. They have instructions on how to do it. You will need to burn a DVD disc using the free IMGburn program to run this test. You will of course need at least 1 blank DVD disc. You can google IMGburn to find it; it is available all over the Internet. Run BOTH short and long tests with SEATOOLS. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, or the program fails to run; your hard drive has failed and must be replaced.

2.) Scan for viruses using your Anti-Virus program whatever it is. Sometimes a virus can keep network, audio or video drivers from working correctly. I suggest you run a 3-pass check; #1: your current anti-virus; #2: go to and run their free online virus scanner called "Housecall"; and #3: go to and download/run Malwarebytes which catches many spyware viruses which aren't typically discovered by #1 & #2. Remove ALL detected viruses and spyware viruses found by your scanners. Reboot and restest your Wifi.

3.) If SEATOOLS passes your hard drive, then it's worth attempting a SYSTEM RESTORE or "rollback" of your Windows system files to a point in time PRIOR to the beginning time you had problems with your Wifi and Internet. If you need instructions on how to do this, post back. Retest your Wifi; in many cases, this will restore the correct Windows system files including the .dll libraries and driver files needed for the Windows networking components, and your Wifi will be fixed!* :D
*Note: If you have had this intermittency problem with the Wifi for longer than 5 months, SYSTEM RESTORE can not help you, as it only takes snapshots of your computer Windows files for 5 months back. So, if you recently purchased this laptop, say a year ago, or you've had it for 4 years, but have ALWAYS had this problem, SYSTEM RESTORE will NOT help you!

4.) If your hard drive passes SEATOOLS, or it failed and you now have a brand new hard drive in your notebook, you'll need to perform a WINDOWS RESET or WINDOWS RECOVERY from legit factory media (HP-Compaq). If your hard drive passed SEATOOLS, you should be able to initiate a WINDOWS RECOVERY from the hidden recovery partition on your hard drive. This will wipe your hard drive of all information, Windows, programs, files (documents, photos, music, games, e-mail, etc.) and reintall the Windows8.1 version that came from the factory when you originally opened the notebook from it's factory box. If you got discs *which doesn't happen often anymore*, you can also run those. This puts back your Win8.1 and all programs and drivers that came with your notebook when you first got it from the store, sans your personal data. After the Reset or Recovery has completed, your notebook witll reboot. DO NOT INSTALL ANY OTHER PROGRAMS, NOT EVEN ANTI-VIRUS OR ANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE--NO WEB UPDATES; NO ADOBE; NO JAVA; NO MS OFFICE. Then try to connect to the Internet via your Wifi and retest. If it now works; you had some Windows corruption or a faulty hard drive. You can then restore or recopy all of your backed up data onto the newly reinstalled Win8.1 hdd.

These are the most common procedures I would try if you sent me your laptop through the Mail and I had it on my Workbench.

Post back your result and final solution. Or if you have any questions, post back and we will advise you if you get stuck.

Best of luck to you, :eagerness:

Hi Bigbearjedi,
Thanks for such an exhaustive list of solutions. I would like to add that this issue started a month back immediately after installing windows 8.1 pro. I had no issues whatsoever when i was using Win 8 evaluation for 6 months. I suspect win8.1pro to be an issue. I am using AVG internet security 2015 which has not reported any thing. Please guide accordingly or do i revert back to Win8.

Hi Bigbearjedi,
One more info i missed my laptop was purchased in Sept2010.


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Hi Bigbearjedi,
Thanks for such an exhaustive list of solutions. I would like to add that this issue started a month back immediately after installing windows 8.1 pro. I had no issues whatsoever when i was using Win 8 evaluation for 6 months. I suspect win8.1pro to be an issue. I am using AVG internet security 2015 which has not reported any thing. Please guide accordingly or do i revert back to Win8.
>>>You're quite welcome. We try to be thorough here. May I inquire as to the source of your WIN8.1 PRO install Media?? Was it a physical CD/DVD disc or did you download it? Was it a legit HP-Compaq factory disc *with HP or Compaq logo on it?*?
Or was it a legit Microsoft boxed retail Win8.1 PRO CD+License key package? Did the Win8.1 PRO CD have the Microsoft hologram logo on it? I have several Customers here who installed from a copied disc that was floating around up here, and I finally ran into inside of the DVD drive tray of one of my Customer laptops. When I attempted to install on one of my test computers, the install failed--multiple times. The 1 time it came up, it froze horribly on the Windows desktop/Internet.

If you didn't convert your Win8 6-month evaluation license through Microsoft website with Credit Card or you called them on the Phone and gave them your Credit Card, you probably performed an invalid upgrade. The good news is you can fix this; the bad news is it's going to cost you money for the upgrade at a minimum, and since it's Pro if you buy a boxed retail package it could be $160-$220 US or so if you do it yourself. Then you'll have to download any missing corrupted drivers from the HP-Compaq website as I mentioned previously. So, if you have an imperfect or non-legit upgrade path to Win8.1 Pro, which it sounds like you did, it's going to be bad. Also, you mention you upgraded from Win8 to Win8.1 Pro--this is NOT a legit upgrade path. If you purchased an upgrade online and did this, it's NO GOOD! You would have had to have Win8 PRO pre-installed on the factory image on the hard drive from HP-Compaq. You can look at your RECOVERY DISCS if you have them and it will tell you which version of Win8 was licensed to your laptop. If you had Win8 Standard (non-PRO version), you can still go back and upgrade to Win8.1 STANDARD for either free or for $14.99 possibly. That $14.99 8-->8.1 upgrade usually was only good for 1 year, so if you're HP-Compaq didn't come with this Disc, you should check your original paperwork that came in the Laptop box for a Coupon for the upgrade. Usually, this Coupon had an Activation Code or Key; I saw a few of them. The bad news here, it's 4 years out of date and expired if you bought laptop in 2010 as you mentioned! :(

Also, I wouldn't recommend reverting to Win8 either PRO or STANDARD, as in order to do this you have a host of new problems to deal with:
1) Reverting to Win8; if you keep Microsoft Auto-Update turned on for the weekly Tuesday M$ updates push, it will eventually ask you to upgrade to Win8.1, and if you do that incorrectly, it will scramble your Windows, or at the very least your current drivers can get replaced by iffy drivers found by Auto-Update.
2) Reverting to Win8: if you turn off the Auto-Update, then YOU will be responsible for figuring out which of the hundreds of updates that come out every month from Microsoft you can safely install on your Win8 config without scrambling it. This is a giant pain in the rear, IMO.
3) Reverting to Win8: Running older drivers, brand new programs such as Office 2016 or Office365 may not work correctly, or if you run Games on your laptop, the Video drivers on your 5 old laptop will not work on brand new games you buy from retail stores or download from places like Gamestop. If you're never going to download or buy a brand new program to install on that laptop for the next 5 years , ignore this item.

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How old is the wifi driver and where did you get it from?

HP Support site does not list Windows 8 or 8.1 as a compatible OS for your system and therefore does not provide Windows 8.1 device drivers. Simply because HP does not list W8.1 does not mean that your system can't successfully run it. Microsoft is often able to find/match a required driver included with the W8/8.1 installation media.

Check Device Manager for the wifi driver name; look it up in the DRT and see if you can find a driver update -

Does all work OK if connected via Ethernet?

Regards. . .


My WIFI driver are Driver Version:2021.2.327.2013 Dated:27-03-2013. The adapter is Realtek RTL8191 SE 802.1.1b/g/n WIFI adapter. These drivers were installed by Win8.1 a month ago.
The problem is that my browser all of a sudden stops working existing pages dont get data(both firefox & chrome), new pages dont open etc. however when i go to command prompt and do a ping i am able to successfully ping. Everything is normal and functioning as soon as i restart the system but this is annoying because i have to close everything in the middle of something. This problem happens at least 2-3 times a day. Otherwise everything is fine..
Thanks & Regards

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