Windows Vista Internet connection problem


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Hi, I have installed Windows 7 fully and I have Broadband DSL connection. When I tried to connect an internet it came as "Limited connectivity or Local access only". Even i tried by putting IP address and everything all but it couldn't access. Thus, it did work properly in Windows XP. There was no problem in Windows XP.

My computer configuration is:
AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 3600+ @2.01Ghz
nVIDIA GeForce 6100 / nForce 405
1GB RAM , 160GB Hard Disk
Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

I've heard people are having problems with wireless connections.

If that's the case, try an Ethernet cable instead.

Also, go to Start > Run, and type cmd and hit Enter. now type ipconfig .all and check and see if you have the proper IP address.
No, I m using Broadband DSL wire connection. Even I have downloaded some drivers and install it but couldn't connect it. Ya i have checked ipconfig, even i checked by putting IP address provided by service center. Still couldn't connect it. Please help!!!
Have you tried shutting down your computer, then turning off your router and DSL modem, wait about 10 minutes, then power on the equipment making sure all lights on the modem and router are displaying the correct lights, then turn your computer back on.

Don't try to connect immediately, be patient and wait until the OS fully loads all items in the tray area, then put your cursor up to the light in the tray and see what is says, local, or local and Internet.

If it still say limited, try pinging a website
well, now i got a connection but it's totally different from Windows XP. In this, it came like this " Network, Local and Internet access". I got this message, is it well connected? And i thought that my connection is little bit slow from before. I did it like this : first i have entered to BIOS setting > BIOS configuration > i put enabled - Boot from Network > exit. I restarted my PC and i pressed F11 to select boot device, then i have chosen Boot from Network and i got a black screen with MAC address, I recorded it and again restarted it. Then i did right-click on my computer > manage > device manager > Network adapters. I did double-clicked on my network adapter driver and i selected advance option > Network address, in it i put MAC address.Then i clicked ok. after this i got my connection like that. is it correct?? Please reply.
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Well, I've never heard of getting an internet connection that way, but if it works for you, I'd leave it alone.

When you tried my suggestion, did you have Internet connectivity?
ya i tried your suggestion but i didn't have it. ok tell me when i got the connection what message will be shown? In XP when we got it,we get a message like " your internet is now connected" but in here how will i know it?
Put your cursor up to the light in the tray and see what is says, local, or local and Internet.
As long as it says Internet, rather than just Local access, you know you have Internet connectivity.
That's fine.

The local access applies if you have multiple computers in your home that you can connect to.

The Inertnet is telling you do have Internet Connectivity.

This is typical and should be of no concern.
I installed Windows 7, everything is working ok but my internet doesnt work. It says that my drivers are not installed for it. My card is on board SIS 900 Based PCI Ethernet Adapter. Can you help me Please?
I need the drivers for it, i don't have Vista, i Got windows XP right now.

I had uninstall windows 7 and reinstall Xp to come find the drivers, so I have to get the good ones.
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