Internet Explorer 8

After starting windows from a shut-down condition; Upon launch of IE8, I almost always get the dialog "IE closed unexpectedly, do you want to restore your last session?"

This is is an invalid warning, as I always close IE manually (after clearing browsing history, etc.) before shutting down).
This error is one which I experienced in the Beta as well.


I have those same errors all the time. At least once or twice a day easy. Also I get the Internet Explorer start up screen "welcome to Internet Explorer...." all the time. I seem to remember not getting anywhere near this many in 7000. Did you download ur RC 7100 from microsoft???? I did not wait and am using the leaked build. There are reports that some of these early RC leaks are infected with malware! so I am trying to determin if mine is an infected copy. I do not think it is, but you never know! Thanks and if you figure out a way to stop the IE pop ups let me know!

IE 8 errors

I downloaded my OS from Microsoft.
I got the Welcome screen twice in early use, but not lately.


P.S. I like your screen name.
I have my AMD 8750 "Black" boosted to 2.9G from the stock 2.4G.
My PC is a Shuttle cube, so the power supply can't handle much more, but cooling is good.

thanks for the fast reply, i was very worried I had an infected copy. It is no problem to wipe to the MS RC , as i already have it. But I just did not want to... Man i get that "welcome" screen all the time. It is really annoying. Sweet rig you've got!

just upped ur rep! enjoy!

You're welcome! I didn't want to have you start over for no reason.

And thank you for your comment on my machine:

I have tried several Small Form Factor PC's and have been dissapointed, until now with the Shuttle.
I chose the SN78SH7 Bare-Bones model and re-used the components from my previous machine.
I upgraded to a Tripple-core Phenom 8750 "Black Edition" CPU which has proven to be very easy to
"Hot Rod". I have only changed the Multiplier and raised the CPU voltage slightly.
That and 4GB of DDRII, PC-6400 800Mhz RAM.
I have had it as high as 3.0Ghz, but that was right on the bleeding-edge of failure, so I backed-it-off
one step.


i guess the thing that i am stuck on with this thread, is WHY you guys would still be using IE???? actually, i can't understand why anyone would use ie, once firefox 2 was released. now that we have firefox 3, opera and chrome, i can't figure out for the life of me why any of you would even have ie on your system. i deleted as soon as i loaded win 7. the same with windows media player. there are soooooooooooo many better options.

Why do I use IE ?

I have tried Opera: I didn't like it!
I have tried Firefox: I didn't like it!
I tried Google Chrome: I didn't like it!

(1) I like IE.
(2) Part of this Windows 7 Beta/RC process
is to iron-out the wrinkles in the product. And
IE is part of that.


P.S. Regarding Windows Media Player: OK, I don't like it.

IE 8 Crash

I have tried both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IE 8. With both I get random crashes in the form of a freeze. No error messages. This requires a reboot. Otherwise W7 is working unbelievably well.
Any ideas? My system is below.

OS – Windows 7 RC build 7100
CPU -- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Processor BX80580Q9300 - Yorkfield
CPU Cooler -- Ultra / ChillTec / Socket 939/775/AM2 / Thermal Electric CPU Cooler
MOBO -- EVGA nforce 780i SLI Motherboard - A1 Version
GPU -- EVGA GeForce GTX 280 (x2) SLI
PSU -- COOLMAX CUQ-1200B 1200W ATX12V / EPS12V
MEM -- 4GB|CORSAIR TWIN 2X2048-6400
HD -- (Internal) 150GB WD Raptor 10K SATA WD1500 ADFDRTL (x2) (Raid 0) (SATA 1&2)
HD -- (Internal) 1 TB WD Caviar Black 1001FALS (SATA 3)
HD -- (External) 750 GB SATA II External APRICORN EZ GIG II (SATA 5)
MONITOR – Samsung SyncMaster 226BW
AUDIO -- Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatality Professional Series
CD\DVD\Blu-ray -- LG SATA Internal Rewriter Model GGW-H20L
SPEAKERS -- Harmon Kardon
PRINTER -- HP PHOTOSMART C7180 All-in-One (wired network)
CASE -- SILVERSTONE TJ09-B Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower
INSTALLED PROGRAMS -- Nero 9, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1, Photoshop Elements 7.0,
Microsoft Office 2007 SP1, iTunes 8.1, Cyberlink Hi-Def Suite, WinZip 11.1, Norton Antivirus, EVGA Precision

I have tried Opera: I didn't like it!
I have tried Firefox: I didn't like it!
I tried Google Chrome: I didn't like it!

(1) I like IE.
(2) Part of this Windows 7 Beta/RC process
is to iron-out the wrinkles in the product. And
IE is part of that.


P.S. Regarding Windows Media Player: OK, I don't like it.
just curious, but what is it that you didn't like about opera or firefox? was it the much faster loading times? was it the the many, many fewer errors? was it the thousands and thousands of addon's that you can load to customize them to just about any configuration that you want(never to be found in ie)? was it the much, much easier configurations? just what was it about either of them that you didn't like? please elaborate, because it isn't just my opinion, but an established fact that firefox, especially, is soooooooooo much better, stabler, faster, more user friendly and a million times more configurable than ie ever has been, or ever will be.
you, of course, can use which ever product that you choose. but then it is a little ridiculous to complain about the multitude of problems you are having with ie. you are the only person i have EVER heard say that he didn't like firefox. so please tell us what it was that you didn't like, and i can guarantee that there is an add on to change it. you have to give something a full and thorough trial before you can get a real feeling for it. and with literally thousands of addon's and configurations, i just can't believe that you did that.
finally, i would be just as interested in what it is that you like about ie? because it is the most difficult browser to use, the most hacked browser and infamous for crashes and problems. please do tell...


I have used Firefox at work (back when I had a job) and found it to be a pain in the butt when I wanted to print a page. I was constantly running back to the computer to re-format for a proper and economical print job.
The only instance where FireFox, with all the add-ons was of use to me was, briefly, when I was trying to use TOR, so I could stream from BBC using their player (not available to US). But questions of legality - I didn't want to push my luck! - and the extremely poor bandwidth/slow connections made the effort useless.

I tried the most recent version several months ago and I could not get the hang of using the Favorites and Tabs features.
I found the the tool bars to be very confusing compared to IE. In IE I find the Tabs very easy to configure and use. And saving to (and accessing) Favorites and Links is very straight forward.

I have been using IE since I first used a PC - at work - in the early '90's
so I am very familiar with configuration issues. I have only been experiencing issues with IE 8 and with W7. And since I have installed the RC, the problems with freezing have gone away. The false dialog pop-ups are not a huge problem and will be addressed, no doubt.

Regarding the claims of a speed advantage for Firefox: I have not found that to be the case. In my experience, Firefox is no faster in loading pages than IE is. For all intents and purposes, pages load instantly for me using either browser.
And as for the plethora of add-ons available with Firefox: Well, I just don't need or want them. I try to keep my computer
and applications as free as possible from excess BS.

IE works for me! That's the crux of the biscuit.


well, using win 7's new half page, side by side feature, i just completed a battery of trials, loading different websites in ie and firefox. i even clicked ie to load first in every single test and firefox loaded in nearly half the time almost every single time. a couple of times they were much closer, but the majority of the times, firefox loaded significantly faster, and this was with me giving ie an unfair advantage of clicking it first. considering that you can set firefox up to look almost exactly like ie, although i don't know why anyone would, but i can't see how the menu's or tabs could confuse you. in firefox you can set the tabs up to work just abou any way you choose. so i am guessing that you are just stubbornly stuck on ie. and if so, that is absolutely fine. you should use which ever one you like.
but make no mistake, firefox is 1000 times more convertable than ie. you can set it up to work anyway you desire. so enjoy ie, i will not post in this thread again. but just wanted to leave these last words on the subject. thanks.

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