Internet Explorer proxies, NEED HELP, complete newbie to proxies

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by MadisonKylie, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Jan 1, 2016
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    I am very angry right now because I have tried to connect to proxies via proxy over and over again for YEARS possibly, I've looked for so many online tutorials, but it NEVER works for me on my end and I have NO idea why. I really need to use a proxy right now and for it to actually work. What happens is my IP just keeps staying the same. I'll show you the sequence I keep doing:

    As you can see I'm trying to change my IP address on Wikipedia:

    Before each .png thingy, type i dot

    1: (I have chosen to hide everything except the first 4 digits of my IP address for personal reasons)
    4: (from a former IP I tried to use from that same proxy list site)
    6: (I pressed "OK")
    7: (I go back to it and the box was unchecked, which confuses me, but this might not have to do with anything)
    8: (and the IP is exactly the same as it was before!!!!!!)

    This is a jaw-dropping, punching the wall, hitting your head against the wall, type of situation. I really don't know if my server supports "ptth server" whatever that means. Honestly I know nothing about proxies almost, and all the tutorials online LOOK super easy and I follow their instructions, but for some reason it never works! *hits head on wall* Does anyone know what on earth I'm doing wrong?
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    Why are you trying to change your IP adress on Wikipedia? There's always the Tor browser..
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    I must say this is quite unnecessary, and possibly against their terms. Unless it's the only way you can get on Wikipedia? Can you elaborate? If you want to get on a VPN that doesn't suck try something like VyprVPN, but otherwise, this is still a mystery without further information. Thank you.

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