Internet Option connection bug....

I go into Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections, and click on the option "Dial whenever a network connection is not present," and hit "Apply", I go out of the Control Panel and come back and my selection is automatically changed to "Never dial a connection." Happens every time I try it.



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Your specs didn't indicate whether you have a NIC card or a dial-up modem.

If you have a NIC, what's the sense in having this selected. Maybe it's Windows way of telling you that you have no modem?

If you're trying to setup a remote connection, use Remote Desktop Connection

Hmmm........ that would explain it as I am on DSL. I thought it would automatically connect to the internet if my connection was lost. I have to manually log on every time. Previous OS's would connect to the internet automatically.

Thanks for the quick reply !!


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Are you experiencing any dropped connections since you insttalled Windows7?

On my first W7 install I did, but since I re-installed W7 on a clean disk, no dropouts. The DSL has been working great once it's connected.

Ocassionally, I'll have a problem with W7 trying to connect thru a wan mini port and that doesn't work. I do either a re-boot or a restore to fix it. Sometimes the re-boot will fix it, sometimes not, but restoring back a day or two fixes it for sure.


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That's good to hear, hope the problem doesn't come back although it's been working fine so you probable shouldn't experience any more dropped connections.

Thanks for your input !!


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No problem djwayne

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