Internet security settings prevent file or files from opening

Hello to everyone!

Recently my computer started showing this window everytime i try to open a programm (office, adobe, etc). I tried to open them through installation file but the same window is always poping-up "internet security settings prevents one or more files from opening".

It drives me crazy. I cant even run programms via usb flash drive. Any suggestions??


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If I understand your question right, you get this error when you click on any word file, exel file and more

But what happens if you click on the Word icon in Start of the word icon on the task bar?

And what happens if you navigate to C:\Program files\Microsoft Office\ find there in some sub directory winword.exe and click on that icon?

Have you checked for malware?

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Yes i checked for malware, nothing at all.

I also tried to open through taskbar and directory of the .exe .

I dont know whats going on


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What happens if you try to open winword.exe with Administrator rights?
(rightclick and select run as administrator)

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