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Hi everyone
Have been checking out forum, like what I have seen so joined.
I am a completely illiterate with computers.
The only thing I know for sure is Murphy's Law seem to always find me.
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Welcome to the forum IGordon225,

Please enjoy your stay with our little community.. :)
Hello all. I am obviously new to this community, and I am also somewhat of an uneducated person when it comes to the pc. I know how to run the programs for the most part. But what is ok to run with what, and how to keep things out of the pc that I don't want in is still a mystery to me. My fiancé likes to download things he thinks will help his pc, without having a clue what they are, and then relies on me to fix them. So I am learning. but S-L-O-W-L-Y...


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Hey! I am Jenson. I am an artist. I loves painting portraits, landscapes. I also loves writing blogs occasionally. My other hobbies include gaming, music, photography and travelling.