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Hello, I am Chihwah. used to be junior system admin. Nowadays I work at multiple areas non IT. I am interested in finding solutions to windows OS and keep myself updated about technical advances in computer and mobile.


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Hi there! I am an IT-professional who is specialiced in Windows and Windows security.
I have been working with managing antivirus-solutions for a larger organization for more than 15 yrs. Have conducted computer-forensics and investigated malware etcetera. Before that I worked with support and installation of computers.

Thomas Tirado

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Hi from CaSilverFox aka Tom in San Diego, "America's Finest City". We all need help now and then...some of us a little more than others. Trying to find out why my Windows Store App doesn't open.


Hey, I am Jeff.... actually, I am not Jeff, but it sounded like something I would say if I didn't want to identify as Paul.

I own a computer.

That is pretty much it.

Paul Harmon

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Hi I just joined. I am a pretty experienced photographer and just built a pretty powerful photoshop computer so I have some pretty up to date opinions on hardware for this purpose and am happy to help.

I just posted the following question in windows security:

Is there a way to set 2 different sets of permissions for a single external HDD used on a windows 7 and a windows 10 computer so that the WIN 10 computer has full read write permissions but the WIN 7 can only read? The objective here is to reduce the chances of the WIN 10 computer, which needs to share large files with the WIN 7 computer but does not receive emails or browse, becoming infected with any type of malware. I'm not too tech savvy but any help or link to a relevant article would be greatly appreciate but please bare in mind my relatively low level of computing. Thanks for considering this question.



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hi Paul Harmon, welcome mate... its the other way round and the windows 10 system is the one that will need protection however I'd recommend getting yourself a nas (they start at about $200)


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NAS (network attached storage) this could be as simple as a single external hard drive that can connect directly to your network, or a dedicated system like Synology. Many home routers also allow you to plug a USB hard drive and share them out as network storage. It's a good idea to keep at least one backup of data.


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Hello Forum. I have been using Microsoft software since the MSDOS days, and back in the day I used PDA devices running Windows CE. But for the past 10+ years my smartphone has been one BlackBerry after another. Currently I'm using a Passport and wife is as well.

Of course the BB10 OS is dead for all practical intents and purposes. I don't want to use iOS, and I will not use Android. A smartphone running a Microsoft OS is my possible option. (I know there may be other options, but the Microsoft is the practical option as well as the possible option.)

So, I'm watching Microsoft now and joined this forum site for that purpose. I don't think Microsoft has given up on the mobile space. I believe they believe they can't give up. I'm hoping that is true, and planning on sticking with the Passports as long as possible, with the intent of switching to some new platform running Microsoft software, and fingers crossed that new platform is going to be a stunning step up from the current smartphone status quo.