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NAS (network attached storage) this could be as simple as a single external hard drive that can connect directly to your network, or a dedicated system like Synology. Many home routers also allow you to plug a USB hard drive and share them out as network storage. It's a good idea to keep at least one backup of data.

Thanks for such good advice. Really appreciated.


I don't recall posting here yet so here I go!

Hello everyone! I am a new member here though I have browsed these forums in the past. I am grateful for a helpful community like this and I hope to be able to offer assistance eventually as I learn more in the computer tech world. I'm currently in college for I.T. and have been a bit of a geek for years.

I enjoy botany, biology, microbiology, and mycology along with fishing, hunting, biking, disc golf, photography, and artwork. I grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for food and my own health on the side.

Last semester I took Mobile App Development at the local college which helped me learn a bit of developing apps with Android Studio. This semester I am learning PowerShell and configuring desktop environments. I am aiming to get a few certifications along the way to an AA degree.

Thanks to those that keep this forum going!


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Hello there.

Been using Windows since 3.1/DOS 5. Went through Windows 98, 2000, XP/XP 64/XP MCE, ME + Vista at some workplaces, 7, and now 10 for a specific PC build I have. (7 is still my fav!).

Been experimenting with Linux Debian based distros lately since Microsoft has gotten pretty bad on privacy. Other than that, hope to get some answers and help where/when I can.


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Hi Kaushal, welcome to the forum... what is the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Networking?


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Hi All, I have owned a home computer since my first - a Tandy TRS80 in the late seventies. Now you might think I should know a lot about PCs but that is not the case. I have a fairly logical mind and normally can find what I am looking for if I have a problem/solution with software that I like using such as excell and autocad. But I do struggle for technical issues with PCs. I am a hobbyist and my wife calls my PC my mistress. That's me folks - oh I do like following peoples problems and how the experts give a lot of their time on this forum solve them. I am sure that those that have been helped are for ever thankful and grateful


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Hi, I'm Ilja, and have been a Mac user since 1987. I'm seriously considering switching to Windows at least in part, forced by the limited hardware choices, restricted adaptability, and price (!) of Apple hardware. Plus, I really, really like the latest Lenovo Thinkpad models. I haven't made up my mind entirely about going full-on Windows (which I banned from my life in XP times) or doing a Hackintosh (also because I have quite a bit of money invested in Mac software), but I've decided to at least give Windows a go and see how easy it'll be to do the things I did on the Mac.


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Hi llja, welcome to the forum

P.s, I would rethink the Lenovo mate... an Asus laptop will be better in fact just about anything would be better ime