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I read the inbox too late, so this is my second post, not the very first :)

I'm from Italy and I have a very small knowledge on how computer works.

For now, I'm here to be helped... but I hope to help someone, one day
Hi everyone I have just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself. Im 29 have just moved to Las Vegas from Ohio in April 2018 in seek of career advancements.

I have a thread started in reguards to a small team project in which I am attempting to put into action within 4 - 5 years if anyone may be interested.

Work would be done irc or in person

Windows 8.1 - Re-Invented Pc

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welcome to the forum goldfish19892017
good luck with your little project

Rhea Singhania

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Hi everyone .My name is Rhea singhania and i am writing from Noida .I am glad to be a part of this forum would love to learn new things and will try my best to help you all in a best way possible. I am new as of today, to this forum but i am on internet since long I am passionate about windows operating system .Tell me how i can help and i am ready to listen and answer.Hope this journey will be fun.


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welcome aboard, rhea … hope the weather is treating you fairly there in noida. if you could just stick your hand out the kitchen window and wave … am sure our friends in nepal might see. nice you could join us. :)


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I programmed an IMSAI in college and passed up buying a Zenith Z100 before I graduated. At my first job I used an IBM 3270 PC AT that I think had a 286 CPU and one or, maybe, two memory expansion cards, each one maybe capable of holding 1 or 2 MB of memory (in addition to 1MB on the motherboard). Of course this is so long ago I could be totally wrong.

Next was a Wyse 386, very fast. I must have had 4MB in expanded memory that I used as a big RAM drive. I copied all of my applications onto the RAM drive (Word, Lotus 1-2-3, a file manager, and some other utilities) and ran them from there. I have never run applications faster.

[Skip 15 years in IT administration.]

I suppose I may have run across this Web site earlier, but I remember it from the trauma, sometime in 2017, I think, that was the failure of Windows 7 update services, a reminder of the hubris that lives on in Redmond. Does anyone remember spending three days to install and update Windows 7 on an older machine?

But what has brought me as a member is my quest for a copy of the open licensing MS Office Professional Plus 2010 DVD or ISO image. It seems likely that a person sufficiently dedicated to Windows 7 might be likely to have this software. Mark Twain said (I think) "Keep all your eggs in one basket, but watch that basket!" Well I kept my eggs in one basket, but, well, alas. I was satisfied to continue using Office 2008. But when I realized that support was ending, I discovered that the Office 2010 download was inaccessible. And so I'm stuck with 1,000+ valid licenses and no software.


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welcome Shirker, I see you have asked the same question in 4 different places so I hope you can keep track of all the answers... anyway best of luck with your quest mate


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Hello to everyone.

I am new to the forum, I am not really computer literate, but not far off it. Hopefully after some time I will advance my knowledge.