iPhone Videos Corrupted(?) On Computer

I took some videos on my iPhone 4S which I wanted to transfer to my Windows 8.1 laptop. I did it in the usual way where I connect it to USB, go into the device on My PC and drag/copy the videos over to another folder. The videos won't play, however. Whenever I try to play them (default through Windows Media Player) the window for WMP come up but straight away it says not responding and that it has to close. I usually put them in a Pictures folder and play them through the Photos app but that doesn't work either. Soon after, whenever I even tried to open the folder I put them in, the folder crashes the second I open it, meaning I can't even get to them to delete them. It's also done stuff like made my desktop background disappear etc. However, older videos I took on the same iPhone still work fine.

I contacted Apple support thinking it was something wrong with the iPhone/video files and they told me to restore the device and that would solve the problem if it was in the iPhone. I did this, took another video and it still came out the same on my laptop.

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