Irritating desktop issue

My PC crashed and when I restarted all my desktop shortcuts and folders don't show. When I right click I can still create files and just to make sure it was actually working I created a new folder, went to the location of the desktop folder and found that these newly created folders are appearing in there. I've tried restarting more than once but the problem is looking like a stickler.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


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Try right clicking on the desktop and selecting>>view>>"Auto-arrange icons"
it's possible the crash caused your resolution to change and the icons are now simply outside of where you can see them

Thanks for the help, I've just tried that and the option is greyed out. Also all the options in the 'sort by' menu are greyed out too.


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Greyed out?
This is quite strange.
Did you do a clean install of Windows 7 (or was it pre-installed when you bought your computer)

It was a clean install.


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What programs do you have installed?
Also do you have the latest driver updates for your video card, audio card and chipset?

I have dozens and dozens of programs installed, too many to list really, and as far as I'm aware I have all the latest drivers though I am going to check now.

Well, I feel like an idiot now.

I just realised that in the 'View' menu, 'Show desktop icons' is an option along with 'Show desktop gadgets' and I had the gadgets one ticked when I needed the icons one ticked. It's all sorted now, maybe this can stand as some sort of an example if this happens to anyone else, it's fine for me. Thanks for the help.


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I'm glad you've managed to fix your problem.
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums
See you around.

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