Is the W7 Sound bugged or just no good? Trouble with Playback and Recording Devices

Hi all,

for days i could not get the microphone on my headset running, i finally took some time aside to today to get it right, with strange results.

first of no program did recognize my headsets microphone. from the w7 sound options to skype .
w7 only listed sound-blaster devices, no matter what i connected.
strangely i do hear myself in the microphone and not just faintly.

in the end i disabled all devices, then enabled all device one after the other, to see, which one might be what. in the end it did not matter, because the microphone started working and had been recognized by w7 >>> by all devices ?!

but the microphone is always on and there is no mute option, it does not even appear in the "volume mixer". why is that anyway?
and >>> the microphone is always on, i disabled all devices, even the playback devices... i can still hear everything and it is still recording everything... and yes, none of the devices is set to "listen to this device", if i do that, i get a triple echo, pitching up to a high feedback scream.

w7 looks so versatile and flashy, but leaves you almost no choices or options, there is not even a option for "install (unknown) device", it just offers you something out of a list, if its not in there, well, screw you, buy something new, that we want you to buy.

my question is now (to anyone, who is still reading this and listening to my complaints), who do i get the control panel sound (options) to run correctly, how can i get my microphone running as it should be and how can i enable it, without hearing myself talking?

something that has been easy since dr-dos or ms-dos, ye know, green plug in green socket, red plug in red socket and there ye go. ;-)



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Is the W7 Sound bugged or just no good?
No and no.

You need to make sure you have the right drivers for your sound device. And with the mixer, you have to make sure you have selected input (Recording) devices to view.

well, of course i have the latest drivers installed, its a fresh system with all the latest updates... and yes everything is set so i can see it... i do see the devices, but he does not recognize the mic on its own. and the main problem is still, how do i disable it (since everything is already disabled). its like in the scary movies, you unplug the television form the power and its still running... i turned everything of and its still recording and playing back... how is that even possible with ALL sound dives turned off.


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well, of course i have the latest drivers installed
It may be obvious to you, but unless you say so, we cannot assume you know anything, unless you provide the necessary details in the first place! For example, we still know nothing of your system! For all we know, it could be notebook, or a PC. Dell, HP, ABCXYZ or home built with a motherboard from who knows where? Or does it have a sound card? We only just learned it is a fresh system - does fresh mean brand new hardware? Or a fresh install on an old systems? And you want us to tell what's wrong.

You said you see the devices - where? What do you see?


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A snipping tool picture of your input devices might help.

You may need to install drivers in addition to the Win 7 built-in ones.

Is there an option to use the front or back mic input?

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