Is there an issue with passwords containg an ampersand?


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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 installed. I went through the setup and created a password containing an &. I entered the password twice and it was accepted. I wrote it down so I would not forget. Now it tells me "The user name or password is incorrect." I called Dell support and they indicated that the & is not supported in passwords. I got no such indication when I created it. Now they are sending a tech to install a new hard drive. I'm very frustrated; I have a brand new pc I can't use. Could the ampersand be an issue? I even tried entering the p/w without the & and of course that did not work either.


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You can check out the post...

Solved Forgotten Password Workaround? - Windows 7 Forums

I've never done it myself but I'm told it can be done.

This is why I never create a password to get into my computer! LOL
It's not like you have a lot to lose if it doesn't work.

And to "Not Really" answer your question, I don't think you can use some characters in Windows passwords that are part of the dos computer language since they still mean something to the computer, but I don't remember if that includes a "&".


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Thanks Mike. I followed the instructions on that link. After many false starts (it took me some time to figure out how to change the boot preference - F2 Setup - I finally got it to work. I'm in!! I appreciate your help.

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