Windows 11 Is window 11 is worth it to install


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I didn't not upgrade my laptop from windows 10 to 11 because my friend said that it has more bug in it.
So, give me the answer that its 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'.

Vivek Garg
It's difficult to give a definitive answer to this question because the experience of using Windows 11 can vary depending on factors such as the hardware it's being installed on, the software being used on the system, and the specific configurations and settings used by the user.

However, it's generally considered that Windows 11 has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure a stable and reliable operating system. Microsoft has worked on improving the user interface, introducing new features, and refining existing ones. Some users may have encountered bugs or issues with Windows 11 when it was first released, as with any operating system, but Microsoft is constantly working to address any potential problems and release patches and updates to improve performance and reliability.

Therefore, it's not entirely true that Windows 11 is full of bugs. However, users should always weigh the potential risks and benefits of an operating system upgrade and make an informed decision based on their own unique computing needs and circumstances. If you are uncertain or have any concerns, it's always a good idea to do a bit more research and consult with experts or fellow users.
Your friend is correct and you have 2 more years before you must move to W11 so I'd wait..
Perhaps Microsoft will fix some of the issues by then

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