Windows 7 Issues when starting


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Feb 6, 2013
Ok, last night, I was playing a game on my computer. Because I'm on a laptop, the graphics card is not the best and so doing certain things in the game causes my graphics to go wonky. Usually hen this happens, it is only momentarily or the computer freezes but once shut down and restarted, it is fine. Last night, however, something must have gone wrong. It was all successful until I logged onto my profile. I found that I could not open anything; not my folders, not Chrome, not Internet Explorer. When I tried, it froze up, and then said "Windows is not responding . I shut down and restarted to see if it would work again; still didn't work. I then went into repair and ran startup repair. It went through, but no changes. Then, I ran restore and used my most recent backup; still did not work. Then , I tired another backup and the restore failed; the message said it could not extract the msconfig file or something like that during the restore process. I'm currently running in Safe Mode to post this. Can anyone tell me what might be going on?
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