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As I said in an other post I crashed my computer.
In fact I'm still installing stuff.

But one of the things that bothered my most was the fact that I lost my contacts in Windows Live Mail.

I have tried to find where they were available in my backup files but I couldn't find anything.

It's such a pain trying to get everyone's e-mail again.

Well I've used it several times today but I just checked to see if there was anything new in my mail.

My contacts were all back!

Remember this was a total wipe of the hard drive, and a return to the original image.

I don't have a clue, I didn't do anything related to restoring them?

Well at least this is one thing that went well.

A bit of light in the darkness. LOL



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I also use WLM 2011 email client. I saw that you used several email accounts. I'm wondering if WLM automatically synced with your contacts in one of the email accounts. Good to know.


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from what i see is that the contacts are not stored on the computer but merely on a server , when u reinstall then everything syncs with each other from MSN , WLM and update accordingly



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I re-install my system on a fairly regular basis. I use WLM as my "client" as I can drop it into the taskbar. But I have two live, one yahoo and one Gmail I set it up to collect emails from. I've never lost a contact, as Kaos says, they're on the servers, not my PC.


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I suspect the contacts are saved on the mail server and locally because I can disconnect from the internet and still view all my contacts in WLM, contacts tab.


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Do you have a "live" login, Mike. That's where mine come from on a reinstall


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I do have one @live account so that's good to know.
Anyone who uses Windows Live Mail should have at least one live account so that their data is saved.


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I use outlook 2010 and WLM has a plugin that keeps it up to date, great client.

I read all this stuff and I'm SO glad that I'm still LO-Tech.

I use Outlook Express on my main (XP) PC and Windows Mail (activated) on my Win-7 setup.(separate HD)

In either client, I use the Supplied Address Book. Simple, easy, effective and easy to back up.

I have a shortcut to a Batch file, on my desktop, that will back up all my Documents, email files, and basically everything that makes this PC mine, to appropriate folders on my Backup Hard Drive.

I've not lost one single file in many, many years. This is really Old School, not rocket science.

Cheers Mates!

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