iTunes incompatibility w/ Windows Vista x64


I have no read everything I could find on the subject "iTunes problems in Vista 64-bit", even called apple support twice, but with no luck!

I have recently purchased a iPod Nano (3rd generation), and I am running Windows Vista Business 64-bit.

My problem is that my iPod won't show in iTunes. I know there are no problems with my iPod as I can use it on my laptop (Windows XP 32-bit). The iPod connects and on the screen I can see it's charging and showing "Connected. Eject before disconnecting". I have alsow tryed to manualy put it in "Disk Mode", but it would'nt show as a disk on "My Computer". The odd thing is that when I safely removes the iPod it says "Safely remove Apple iPod". So the "drivers" are working fine. I have tryed using other programs as MediaMonkey (that supports iPods), but that did'nt help!

Hopefully someone can help me! This is getting frustrating!

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Bios told me about MGTEK dopisp. It allows WMP to sync with an iPod so I downloaded the free trial and if you decide you want to keep it, it is only 19.99 and let me tell ya ... I'll NEVER use iTunes again.
you can check it out for yourself here Sync your iPod with Windows Media Player




I have windows vista home basic at a 32bit opperating system. When I try to install itunes it says program is not a valid win32 application. I tried downloading the 32bit program from the link provided on this thread but it didnt work. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for me to try?



hi i whave problem with itunes and i tried nearly everything
i bought gaming computer with vista and i couldynt play on it for like 7 days because they didiny work.

Hi Matthew94

Try this
Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Speakers > Properties > Advanced > UNCHECK the 'Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' box

Have any of you tried downloading the 64 bit version of itunes??
I have Vista 64bit and itunes works for me with no problems.

Hello I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and using the latest version of the 64-bit iTunes... 8.0.2 I think.

I am having MAJOR problems with iTunes on my computer. It seems like it only works when it feels like it. ESPECIALLY when I am copying music into iTunes or editing the info on the songs I have, iTunes just freezes. If I am lucky I am able to force quit it with the Windows Task Manager, but most of that time that doesn't even work. It stays frozen while all my other programs work perfectly fine. If by chance I am able to force quit it, I restart, and NONE of the songs are playable. The only way to bring things back to the way they were after a crash is by hardbooting the system: holding down on the power button untill it shuts off, then start it back up.

These crashes in iTunes also occur VERY frequently when I am attempting to synch my iPod. I have a 6th gen (I think. It's the one that came out along with the first iPod Touch) 160 gig iPod. With these random crashes during sync, I had to completley restore my ipod before I could do anything, and iTunes would crash while it was restoring, fucking it up even further. By some miracle, I was able to safely restore it, but now it crashes while syncing. I have a very large iTunes library (over 16000 songs), and it has taken me about 3 weeks straight of syncing and restarting the computer in order to get my entire collection on there when it should have taken at most one hour if it didin't crash after every 10-50 songs.

For this very reason I am TERRIFIED of syncing my iPhone on my own computer.

I've tried every soultion I found so far, and nothing has helped at all. Any suggestions? Anyone with a smiliar problem? I need HELP!


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Apple has released a new Version 8.02 of the iTunes software. This version fixes several bugs and improves accessibility with VoiceOver.

iTunes 8.02 did not fix any of the bugs I've been having and am continuing to have. It's actually gotten worse. Earlier today iTunes worked okay without crashing, but all I was doing was playing music. Then I shut my computer off and when I started it back up iTunes wouldn't even launch. I restarted my computer again and, it seems I cannot even OPEN iTunes anymore on Vista 64bit.

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