Windows 7 iTunes library access from dual-booted Vista


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May 10, 2009
I'm at the moment dual-booting Windons Vista as a primary OS and Windows 7 RC 7100 as a secondary OS.

I'm facing problem with iTunes library. iTunes itself works fine, but cannot find a solution how I could use the same iTunes library with both OS's.

If I point iTunes to use the Vista's library (on Vista's system drive) it simply cannot find my songs, since there are differences with drive letters. I would like to change my 7's drive letters to match Vista's letters but Windows7 doesn't allow me to change system partition drive letter. If I force it to do it with Link Removed due to 404 Error, explorer.exe will just crash on startup.

I only found one painful solution: to make all new partition with my music and other itunes stuff in it and assign the same letter with both systems.

Is there any easier solution for Dual booting with iTunes? Shame that iTunes uses the drive letters to regognize partitions.

But if there's no solutions, it's OK , since I can use other programs to play media and sync my iPod from Vista.
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