I've never had this happen before?


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Today I discovered that my printer, and my camera weren't working, they just weren't being recognized by the computer. Both had been working since my final install of Windows 10.

After a lot of messing around reinstalling drivers, etc, I discoverer that they worked when plugged into different USB ports.

They were plugged into 2 ports that were side by side on the back of my computer.

When I went to Device Manager I saw that one of the USB devices showed an error.

Code 43: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.

After some research I found, that this can be caused by the plugged in hardware throwing some kind of error and the suggestion to uninstall and reset it, by selecting it and uninstalling then clicking on my computer name at the top of the list, and selecting "Scan for hardware changes".

That didn't work so I tried uninstalling it and rebooting.

That didn't work either.

Finally some time later, I found a post on a forum that said to do the uninstall and reboot thing, but unplug the computer while it's off, let it sit for a minute plug it back in and reboot it.

That Worked!!!

Live and learn, I've never seen this before but both my camera and printer are working now from their original USB ports.

Because of my external hard drives I don't have a lot of extra ports.



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Sounds like a an old driver fighting a new one to me... is this a system with more than one boot perhaps, like a W8-WX dual?


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Not any more, I'm now running only a fresh upgrade of Windows 10, upgraded from Windows 8.1.
I suppose that it is possible that my drivers aren't what they were before the I went through the upgrade process.

I guess for now I just keep my fingers crossed and hope it keeps working.
I did try updating the drivers for the device and got the "This is the latest driver" message.


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