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    I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a Dell Latitude XT that had Windows Vista before. While installing the drivers that I downloaded from the Official Dell website , I noticed that the mouse pointer was jittering and unresponsive after each restart, it was unresponsive until I entered password , then I could move it with the mouse and it stopped jiyttering. Also same problem when a dialog box opens requiring a response to open an app or utility. Mouse is a e sourse wireless optical mouse, please help

    I neglected to add to the list of symptoms that the touch screen option only works with the pen/stylus. This feature worked fine when Windows Vista was installed, the driver also came from the official Dell website. I'm assuming that the driver versions between all the associated problems are having conflicts and probably should uninstall all of the related rivers and then re-install them one by one and verify that the problem is or isn't still there.
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    Low batteries?
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    Try the following

    · Click on start button.

    · Type msconfig.exe in “search”

    · It will require the administrator password to run.

    · Then select the Boot tab at the top.

    · Click on the Advanced Options.

    · Check Number of processors is checked like number of processors matches what your CPU has! (Dual core = 2, Tri=3, Quad=4, etc. etc.)

    · Click Ok, and then reboot the system.

    Hope it will help you

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