Just go one of those fake security warnings!!!


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I was browsing looking at message about issues that people having problems in Chrome and I got one of those fake security warnings.

It's the first one I've gotten myself though I know other people who have.

Before I closed it with Task Manager I made a screen capture of it....

I'm running my antivirus now to see if anything was left behind.

It blares this annoying warning sound over and over until you either respond or kill the program.

This is the first thing like this that I've gotten in a really long time, I wonder if it has anything to do with switching to Mozilla Firefox?


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Was it a webpage or actual exe process?


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i been using firefox for several years, MikeHawthorne … both win-xp and win-8-10 os … never had issue with bsod. only problems with firefox were directly related to microsoft. am currently using firefox-48.0.2 … clear sailing.

while you probably turned up a plethora of results (regarding malware) while typing "bosd: dllregistersetting has detected the error code 0x80060402" into google … i got nothing directly related to mozilla (using just 0x80060402). if necessary, you could always initiate firefox via the browser's internal 'safe-mode'.

as neemobeer considered … possibility it could be drive-by web-page, mike.
  • continuous alert-sound … sounds more like the nature of malware.
  • 877-563-1632 seems to be private number via lookup-reverse. *
  • the text-content is not professional … doubtful issue between win-10 and firefox-48.0 would be specified in the tech policy.
  • leave browser open … really?
* didn't wait for the whole lookup-reverse to complete … because then person on opposite end might be able to trace my ip.

anyway … i am not a techie … just letting you know i've never had problems with firefox. and thanks for sharing with us, mike.


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I don't know what the actual page was, the image covered the whole window just as you see it in the screen shot.

And I didn't interact with it at all, just made the screen capture and used Task Manger to stop the process and close Firefox.

Then I rebooted and started running my malware scanners, didn't find anything except an abnormally high number of Cookies that were all deleted.

It wasn't really a blue screen either it was obviously just a fake, that overlay the whole screen, the computer was still completely operational, I assumed that the text in the screen message didn't mean anything.

They obviously made it cover the task bar so people would think their computer was frozen up, and it wasn't blue either?

As a rule I never click on anything like this that opens up on my screen just hit Control Alt Delete and use Task Manager to close it.

I know 2 people who have responded to this and called the number, both were asked to pay $200 to have their computer fixed.

Neither of them did, they just brought their computer to me and I ran a scan on it.
One of them had malware but I don't know if it related to the message or was just there.

Anyway I didn't find anything else and my computer is running fine.

I'm not sure why this popped up the first time that I used Firefox, but it may be because my security hadn't caught up with the fact that I was using a new browser, or it may have just been a coincidence.

But I never get malware normally, haven't had anything other then and occasional popup Window and unwanted cookies for years.


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These have become more prevalent in the last few months I get 2 or 3 a week, just kill the process or force a shutdown 99% of these are just a web page.
My biggest problem is the friends and family that read the message and believe it, I have sent email after email telling them to trust that the advice I have given them to lock down there PCs is protecting them.



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I run AdBlock, Ghostery and PrivacyBadger and I have never seen one.


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I use Adblock, I'll check out the other two.



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I suppose I should add, I also have URL filtering on my local security software, I also you comodo DNS servers which has pretty good blacklisting built-in, you can use their DNS servers for free on your router. I also have a Sophos UTM that does content filtering, scanning and I do country blocking. If you have a spare desktop with 2 NICS you can run the home edition of Sophos UTM for free. :)


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Hi Mike,
Never seen a Chrome-specific scareware before. Interesting. I can tell you that from 2012-2014 I wasn't running Firefox, as they were having a spate of similar scareware, Trojan-virus infections and other weird computer-killing type actions, back around v24.0 and v41.0 or something. I had several of my seniors in my local Computer Club have their PCs and laptops killed by Firefox; so we banned it from use by recommending that practice in our meetings, workshops, and via E-mail blasts to our Club membership. Only recently starting using Firefox again in 2015 a bit, and more in 2016 and they've seemed to weed out most of the bad nasties from Firefox; it's a GNU-license public domain that Mozilla uses for the Firefox browser engine, so they are dependent on a volunteer-community internationally populated to doing the "weed-pulling" as many of us malware guys call it from their products, so it takes them years to get a stable, virus-free program. If you read the fine print in the Mozilla-Firefox EULA, they never guarantee that Firefox is virus-free, but their lawyers very clearly state that your acceptance of the EULA, by your installation of the program provides them with a financial hold-harmless statement that frees them from any liabilities they might have if their program passes along a virus that wipes out your stuff or causes you to have to pay money for repairs, unlock Ransomware, etc. etc. This language has gotten stronger and stronger, and the last time I read it, it seems that they are really gun-shy about getting sued by Firefox users who incurred virus-related damage during their 3 year apocalyptic stint where knowledgeable users refused to run it. I myself, removed it on over 100 computers since it was wreaking such havoc. So, it's possible, not likely FF is at fault, but I certainly don't rule it out. :andwhat:

I can tell you that since the 2012-2014 FF debacle, I never, ever run FF on my production machines; "daily-drivers"! :down: I only run FF on my W10 test machines, and on customer machines where they insist that's their favorite browser and refuse to use anything else. After having them sign a hold-harmless waiver, I put FF back if I removed it during diagnosis or repair, and walk away.:headache:

Another interesting side-note is that when FF first came out, the College I was teaching at back in about 2006 paid to have a study done on which browsers should be used in classrooms and computer labs on and off campus. Study came back that FF had an unusually large number of security holes inherent in it's design and it should not be used for access to online student portals such as the Blackboard classroom curriculum and testing management program used around the country in Colleges and Unis.:down: My College then stated in no uncertain terms the only "officially sanctioned" browsers were to be IE6 or higher and Chrome. No other browsers were supportable.:noway: Additionally, further research with academic program vendors such as Blackboard and Moodle, also refused to allow use of FF with their programs. :noway: We didn't find that out until months after the study was done and the new portal access policies were put into place however. I've heard similar stories from many of my teacher colleagues who taught at other public and private colleges and k12 schools the last few years. :green:

Food for thought.:)



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IO got tired of all the frequent updates that never fixed anything so I walked away about 2 years ago however I found Chrome equally annoying and when they decided to end Java that was it for me as too many sites I go to use it. Now I see Firefox planning to end it as well and I wish them and their unsafe software well as I won't be back.

I have however used other Mozilla browsers successfully which are way more stable such as Pale Moon, Waterfox and Icefox but now we are getting the java warnings there as well so I went back to the original and have been using Sea Monkey and am hoping they do not make that same mistake with ending java. I am also quite tired of individually allowing Adobe Flash Player also with Mozilla based browsers and since Sea Monkey is a full browser like IE I am hoping to be able to continue with it after the others commit internet suicide ending java and restricting Adobe Flash Player but if I have to IE is still out there with its boring self!

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