Just got the latest update!


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I'm typing this using the windows key, plus H thing, It seems to be working pretty well.
I like this I use text to speech on my tablet all the time.
This one actually seems to work Pretty well, I'm going to print out the shortcut List and keep it on my desktop so that I can look this stuff up easily.

The update went smoothly It really didn't take that long This is the first of the new features that I'm trying out I already did a document in Word and Openoffice it worked well in both of them.

Anyway I'm just doing this to make sure it works on line in forums etc. I did have to go back and make a few corrections, improper capitalisation, and I'm gonna have to remember to tell it to put the commas and periods in .

The one problem I'm having is that it puts a space after every word Automatically and that includes In front of punctuation , So that if I say , It leaves of space between the comma and the word , the same with Periods .

And it OK je naley OK je naley (hand typed, I'm trying to say occasionally) Capitalizes something for no apparent reason .
I Wonder if it has a voice training function somewhere?



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Lol I like how it stars out swear words


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That's funny, I didn't notice that before.


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Thats going to get annoying. I'd rather it didn't censor swearing.


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Should be configurable.

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