Windows 7 Kaspersky not updating ??


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I have the Win7 Kaspersky installed (

It always seems to tell me the databases are out of date each day but in last few days it has NOT updated. My databases are all 17/4/2009.

Anyone else have this situation ?

Anyone using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on Win7 ..? databases updating ok ?

Update,,,, seems to have cured itself. Must have simply been that Kaspersky did not have any more recent updates. Today it updated fine....

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i have instaled build 7100 yesterday, and after trying nis 2009 & norton 360 ( not working both on this build yet .. )
i install kaspersky beta
and this one is working fine !
updating is also no problem

Yes and the new Kaspersky beta is free until windows 7 is no longer a beta ;)