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While researching a problem with making a device attached to my router appear in Windows, I found an article about the ports that have to be opened for this to occur

I found the section of Kaspersky Pure 3.0 that deals with this, but am not at all sure how to use it? So far, all that I have done is to try to open port 5385:
However, when I then check the list of open ports, 5385 is not listed. I must be doing something wrong, but what?


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It's 5358, to start with. You could find help here,

It would seem to be an account issue. The instructions on Kaspersky page are quite exhaustive, and Kaspersky is considered to be one of the most reliable Antivirus. You should be in safe hands.


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Yes, sometimes I get numbers jumbled, but not in terms of what I actually set. I found a port checking utility designed for my router, which when I ran it, it said that 5358 is not open. So obviously I did something wrong, but still don't know what?


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It's no wonder that I couldn't get a definitive answer to this problem here, because I also posted it on the Kaspersky Forum, and got no answer there either...except to contact support, which I am somewhat loathe to do.

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