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    My laptop keyboard's letters and numbers are not working, but the function keys are. I am currently using the on screen keyboard. for some reason the keyboard works when i enter my password but after that it doesn't respond. If you were to help out, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I see nobody has had any ideas on this for a month. If you still have the problem, one idea came to mind. On some laptops, there are special function keys (I'm referring to keys that change the meaning of other keys, not the F1-F12), that remap the keyboard for specific purposes. For example, an extended numeric keypad is superimposed on a bunch of character keys in the middle of the keyboard. Accidentally pressing a key like that would make it look like the keyboard was messing up.

    However, if nothing but the function keys are responsive, it might be a problem with the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard (or a defective keyboard). You usually have to remove some screws to release the keyboard module and get access to the ribbon cable and connector (on some laptops, there are just little sliding buttons). You probably don't want to fiddle with this unless you are familiar with working on laptops. It is easy to damage stuff and you need to take precautions against static electricity.

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