Windows 7 Laptop CPU Upgradation Possibility


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Jun 26, 2013
I have a DELL STUDIO 1450 Laptop with a Core 2 Duo P8700. Recent games are very much lagging on my system. I was wondering about upgrading my processor. I found a QX9300 on an online shopping site. But after goggling I'm confused whether I can upgrade my processor or not. I couldn't find an absolute answer. Please tell whether its possible to upgrade my laptop processor? And will I have to change my battery and power adapter to go along with the processor?

Current Spec:
Core 2 Duo P8700
Charger output: 19.5V 4.62A
Battery: 11.1V 6-cell Li-ion

Upgrading to Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300.
Also I would like to know if its possible to upgrade the video card/memory(ATI HD4530 512MB) of my laptop as well.


usually it isn't possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU regarding laptops. Your best bet is probably to visit the Dell site and see if any upgrades can be obtained for your machine.

Did that but I couldn't find anything useful there. The Dell service manual has a topic 'replacing processor', but nothing about upgrading. I cant buy the processor till I'm sure about its compatibility.