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Hi all
I'm disabled with rheumatic/autoimmune conditions that make my arms very sore and hands painful too, so am trying to source a cheap older spec laptop (as I want to buy on Ebay and not wanting to spend very much!). This would be a rarely used but invaluable 2nd machine, hence my unwillingness to spend much more than £60-80 tops on it. I've managed to get a couple of ones even cheaper than that but they're bricks to carry around even though the current one (a Dell Inspiron 8100 which I got for £40) has now done me for 4 years and still working reasonably but the CD/DVD cases have died so can't install anything on it, hence the preference to get a new (used) one. Ideally I want a full working machine that will take up to Win 7 OS and run Office 2010 plus be of a reasonable spec, and I have to say I'm not yet a big fan of the tinier netbooks etc.

But would love some input on suggestions for older models that would still come in around 3 kg weight or less if possible but would compromise a bit on weight if I had to for overall useability.

Going to want Something with:

100GB Hard disk or more
2GB Ram
Dual core processor (like a AMD Turion 64 x2)
have a 15" or around that
Wireless, Bluetooth, Gigabit LAN
Windows XP sp3 or better
128mb or more VRAM
DVD Burner

around $300.00 AU or $280.00 US Thats a estimate coversion, Depending on the AU-US Dollar


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Nah - would be happy to go with a much lower spec than that to be honest. I'd only need a 40Gb HDD as I'm not intending on putting anything much else on other than the OS and Word/Outlook. Wouldn't want a dual core processor either and a DVD reader would suffice. As I said - it's going to be rarely used - intended for such times as when I might be ill when I'd most likely hook into my primary machine through the wireless network to do everything else I wanted anyway. I already have the software so not keen on spending more just to get a machine that has it preinstalled. Again, this is absolutely going to be an Ebay buy - all I'm really trying to ascertain is more which models/types are likely to be light above all else. Thanks for the reply.


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There are of course number of possible conflicts in what you're looking for - low price means old which tends to mean heavy, low price means low spec which tend to have problems running more recent systems and applications software etc. Anything wich will run Windows 7 will run the apps you want so a useful approach might be to identify a laptop which meets your needs and then check the specs out on the Windows 7 compatibility site here:

Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads


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You're right on all counts of course, but not the easiest - will rethink how much money I can possibly put into this as I really need the weight issue dealt with over any other. Oh the joys of being disabled and dependent on Government handouts - so miss my £17,000 job - the one I could have had if I was well and healthy and would give anything to be capable of undertaking! I have this same dilemma in a couple of other areas of my life, where my disability leavves me unable to get what I need over what I want or can afford :(


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Hi TKR99,

I found this site: Cheap laptops from and whilst the lappies displayed are a little out of the range you gave the blurb written underneath say's they do carry ones for as little as £99... They might be worth a ring at least?

Be careful using ebay, there are some nasty surprises out there. I have a few times ran into the odd, stiff, hard to get a long with, bob who wants your money and never sends you your purchase. I stick a lot to the Ebay stores, there at least I feel confortable with the seller, also look for the ratings on the seller >98% are ideal, you know they will send stuff and are good. stay away from noobs and others with <90% rating. Unless you want to invite yourself trouble, but then everyone else has different opintions.

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