Laptop won't connect automatically

Pavilion laptop set up to connect to home network automatically; D-Link N-band USB; D-Link N-band Router. Home network: laptop; desktop; & HP home server.

I've been using this set-up for years, but suddenly can't get auto connect to work. Network icon in tray shows that networks are available; list includes my home network, with a fair signal; can select my home network and click on 'connect'; network connection occurs. (My desktop also uses a D-Link N-band USB adapter; also set up with auto connect; and it always connects upon start-up.)

If I go to 'Manage Networks' on my laptop, my home network is listed, with 'Connect automatically'; but auto connect never occurs.

All this is only a minor irritation, but I'd like to know why auto connect won't work. Thanks for any enlightenment.


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First thought would be a problem with the profile. Have you considered removing it, rebooting and rebuilding the profile, alternately removing existing profile and adding new profile manually.

Thanks, Randy. I'm not sure what you mean by 'the profile'; do you mean my Win7 user profile? If so, I don't understand how that affects the auto connect problem.


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No, something else.
Open network and sharing center and in the left column choose manage wireless connections.
This should bring up your wireless network adpater's profiles associated with networks that you have been connected to. You should be able to select them and change the properties, select them and remove them and although I'm not on my wireless computer right now, I believe that there is an add or a + sign, where you can create one from scratch.

Trouble: I just got back to trying to solve this problem...

I tried making some changes in the profile, saving them, & re-booting, but it hasn't made any difference.

However, just this morning I noticed something: When I right-clicked on the network icon in the system tray and went to 'My Wireless Networks', the name of an old network popped up. I think that what might be happening is that the wireless adapter is trying to find that old network--which doesn't exist any more. I've looked everywhere I can think of to select & delete this old network, but I can't find it. Shouldn't it be somewhere in "Network & Sharing Center", or "Manage Wireless Networks"?

So... how do I go about deleting the old network reference?



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You may just want to bite the bullet and delete any and all existing wireless profiles, and shut down the PC. Use the manual reset button on the back of the wireless router to reset it to factory defaults, then with a wired connection if possible (preferred) setup the router the way you want it setup the router the way you want it (SSID, Channel, etc,) hold off on the security and encryption. Boot up your problem machine and see what happens. If all goes well and the connection seems to auto-connect as you would expect after a couple reboots then go back to the router and define the security as you wish, and then on your computer edit the existing wireless profile to reflect the changes in security

Thanks for the help, Trouble. I think I've got it partially resolved.

It's great having folks like you who are willing to share their knowledge!



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Thanks for the kind words Art. I often feel likewise as I learn just as much in attempting to help and benefit from the process which keeps my old brain working and helps keep my minimal skill set from rusting in place. Glad to hear that you are progressing towards a potential solution and hope to continue to see you around the forums, there is much to be learned from the community here.
Good Luck and Best Wishes

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