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Last week was the final week before Build, Ignite and more. Make sure you come back here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to see Build streamed live!

TWC9: Visual Studio for Game Development, .NET Foundation News, Building Cloud Apps ebook and more...

This week on Channel 9, Jeremy and guest host Kyle Gostinger, discuss the week's top developer news, including;

“Must Have” Event Elements You’ll Experience at Microsoft Ignite

At our September Roundtable Discussion in Chicago, we asked Microsoft event alumni to share their top "must have" elements that create an event that's valuable, informative, and inspiring. Here are the elements that topped the list—and yes, you can expect all this, and more, at Ignite....

Guest Post: Open Source Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

This is a guest post from Microsoft Azure partners DataArt and Canonical.

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) enables businesses to predict when industrial equipment is going to fail, so that action can be taken beforehand. A leader in this space, DataArt, developed one of the first IoT and big data open sourced platforms, DeviceHive, and published on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

DataArt has collaborated with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, as well as Microsoft. ...

B-roll: We Day Seattle 2015

B-roll video from the We Day Seattle event held April 23, 2015, intended for broadcast/media use.

Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing the Cloud from the Command Line

In this video, Scott learns from Guang Yang about how to manage Azure from the PowerShell command line! We learn how to manage multiple accounts and subscriptions, and access any Azure resource.

Instrumenting your Web API using Application Insights with Victor Mushkatin

Scott talks to Victor Mushkatin from the Application Insights team. They create a new Web API application to deploy to Azure, but they instrument that all with Application Insights. Victor show us how to instrumental the ASP.NET Web API and hook it directly into Application Insights to get use amounts of context. It's hugely useful when trying to understand production applications in the cloud.

Office 365 Development: Top 5 Reasons to Start Building Productivity apps for Office

As a developer, the Office 365 platform allows you to reach over 1 billion Office users all over the globe. Join Jerry Nixon and Christine Matheney as they discuss the Top 5 Reasons you should start building productivity apps for Office and learn how you can get started building business solutions using the technologies you already know and love....

New Technology for 3D Printing – New Consortium Leading the Way

The capabilities of modern 3D printers have outstripped the capabilities of the 3D printing file formats commonly used today. People are unable to access the full potential of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing because of basic limitations in core technologies used by 3D printing. ..

Edge Show 144: Azure IaaS VM management and more in VMM UR6!

In Edge Show episode 144, Matt meets with Jonobie Ford, Senior Program Manager on the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) team, to discuss a number of key capabilities coming to VMM with Update Rollup 6 (UR6), specifically focusing on 2 highly requested features. The first is Azure IaaS virtual machine management from within the VMM console! The second is support in VMM Service Templates, for Generation 2 Hyper-V virtual machines! If you're currently using VMM, and you're also using, or thinking about using Azure IaaS virtual machines, UR6 should be very interesting to you! ...

Come explore the Ignite Expo Hall: A one-of-a-kind experience for innovators

Coming to Microsoft Ignite? Make sure to schedule time to explore the Expo Hall! This area has been designed to provide you a rich, hands-on experience with products and solutions. Bring your questions and spark ideas that make a difference.

What can I find in the Ignite Expo Hall?

  • ...

Storage Spaces: Lessons from the Field

In the last part of our Storage Spaces deep dive we share some lessons from the field. ...

Boot A Surface Pro 3 from a Windows 10 Technical Preview USB media

this video shows how to boot a Surface Pro 3 from a USB stick

3D Builder User Manual


TechNet Radio: Navigating the Hybrid Cloud: Making it Work for You

The “cloud” has become the next great frontier for IT Pros to explore and conquer. However, if you’re like many in the profession, there are a lot questions in the field that have left many looking for answers. While you can certainly search the web and hunt and peck for answers as questions arise, wouldn’t it be better if you already knew where to turn to for free resources, training and tools? ...

Azure Storage 5 Minute Overview

This short video provides an overview of Azure Storage and its key products - Blob Storage, Table Storage, Queue Storage, Disk Storage and File Storage. The video also walks you through how to write your first Storage application - using either Blobs, Tables or Queues.

Monthly Catch-up: S81 with special co-host Barry Paquet

In this show, we go take a look at the current and future sprints. We also talk to Barry Paquet and see what he has been up to. ...

Real-time Monitoring of Mobile Apps with Xamarin Insights

This is the last of our second four part series on building cross-platform apps using Xamarin and C#. In this episode Robert is joined by James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin, who discusses Xamarin Insights, a new monitoring solution for all mobile applications. We get an indepth look at how to integrate Xamarin Insights into your iOS, Android, and Windows applications to get real time crash reporting of native and managed crashes. Then, we see how to monitor custom events and data and tie directly into popular services such as Visual Studio Online to get mission critical updates. ..

Episode 7: Interview with Ken Lobb


[00:47] Ken Lobb, Tech Director at Microsoft Studios
[02:33] Microsoft Games? ...

Countdown to Ignite: The One about What to Pack and What’s New, Two Weeks Out!

With just two weeks until Microsoft Ignite, you're probably finessing your session schedule and starting to think about packing. In this week's Countdown Show, Joey and Rick talk about what's new on MyIgnite, last-minute tips to maximizing your Ignite experience, and the all-important question of What to Pack. Watch the show, or read-on, to hear their tips as you count down the days until Microsoft Ignite.

As you fine tune your personal session schedule, consider including a Pre-Day Session in your Sunday agenda—it's not too late to add one to your registration. ...

Ping 242: Getting your Goat, MP3 to Vinyl, more TV on Xbox One

Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[00:37] Last week...

[06:16] Goat Simulator will be chewing on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 from tomorrow ...

IoTShow: WinHEC and //Build

Gavin Gear and Larry Larsen talk about news in IoT, interview IoT influencers, highlight IoT projects, and more. If you have ideas for the show, please leave a comment, we'd love to hear what you all would like to see!

In this episode Gavin and Larry talk about the past WinHEC and the coming Build conferences and the Windows 10 IoT story. ...

CodeChat 026 - Moshe Gutman (GeoSafe)

Moshe Gutman comes on to CodeChat to talk about a startup he's working hard on. It's called GeoSafe ( GeoSafe (@GeoSafe) provides easy-to-use GPS tracking and CAD integration for police, fire, and EMS. First-responders can quickly access and communicate critical data to each other in the field. It's way cool to see live, little icons representing where the workers are right now, and even cooler to imagine the results of a system like this - saved lives!

Moshe is going to tell you how the system works as well as provide some anecdotes on being in a startup.

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