Windows 7 LG X110 and Windows 7 bluetooth


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Feb 8, 2009
Everything is running great except for not having the right graphics driver Intel mobile GMA 945 and for some reason i cant connect to my Logitech Cordless Vantage Bluetooth headset. Like it shows up in the device list but when it comes down to actually connecting it errors out and says that it couldnt recieve info from the device.

The device is in pairing mode.. dont know what gives.. ive reinstalled the bluetooth messed with all available setting and still it cant connect
It was working flawlessly with xp sp3 on this netbook wich was how it came.

Would it be safe to say that because it is running windows 7 that i wont be able to use this headset?

Any help on troublshooting this would be great.. I have searched for days now and have found no answers to my questions.
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