Windows 7 Libraries - display issue?


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Hello friends. I'm new here. But I gotta say the forum looks fantastic. Looks like there is quite a few helpful people here as well. So, so far, I really like Windows 7. I think it's fast, pretty, and all in all, well done. I have very few problems so far. And this is the only one I haven't been able to fix so far. When I open the explorer, the below pic is what I see. You'll notice I've circled the problem/s in black. I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be icons there. What do you guys think? If I check the properties, they are "not available." I noticed that if I browse to the libraries, say in Wordpad, they display correctly. I haven't a clue how to fix this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: SOLVED! It was pointed out to me, that maybe the feedback patch I used was bad. So sure enough, I went back, and unpatched. I rebooted, and then restored the libraries. It worked! If it reverts, I'll make sure to let you know. Thanks! ;)

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