Windows 8 Line appeared in File Explorer under ribbons!


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Hi, as the title says I didn't have this line before but my little nephew has done something wrong while he used File Explorer so it looks to me really irritated and I need some help to get rid of it!


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I tried and failed on replicating your issue but have you tried restoring defaults? You can find the setting via the folder option tab:

folder options.jpg
Try this. Right click the file explorer icon. This will produce another window. Right click "File Explorer", which you will now see there, and select "properties"
delete everything you see in the line "target"

Insert, instead C:\ Apply

Now see if the bar is as you want it.

Just had another read of your post. This bit "I didn't have this line before " jumped out.
Now I am thinking that the line has always been there, but your nephew has moved it?

Try clicking the arrow, as in my picture, and move the line to the top. That maybe what you had before?

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I notice in the op's picture that the settings normally used to change folder view now appear in the bottom right hand corner. I just cannot remember how to do that... Hmm time for google.. lol.
Thanks for your efford, I tried all steps as you have described but no luck, I tried also to move the line to the top but I can't move it, it's just stuck there!
darn you, Kemical! Now I have to google. Mine are also bottom right!!!!!
BUT. If you mean you did not have those little guys at all, they are enabled through the folder options -"Show status bar"
The OP is showing the Windows 8 File Manager. I believe the lock option is only in the browser? (or the windows 7 file manager)

But, his problem and comment intrigued me. You may have the solution. I have always had that line in Windows 8 File manager. But, in Windows 7, the layout was totally different and, of course, the line was not there. I wonder if the user has not been using the Windows 7 file manager, through a third part fix, and the nephew has reverted to the Windows 8 version??

( I think the "Classic" start menu has that option?)