Linksys WMP54G - 64bit compatible Wifi card

Hello, all. I was having problems using my U.S. Robotics USB wifi dongle with Windows 7. After some googling I found that the drivers weren't compatible with the 64bit version of Windows 7 (and Vista, for that matter). Futher googling revealed some candidates for compatible PCI cards (since I had a slot open on a new build).

Went to BestBuy (I had a gift card!) today to look at my options. The sales attendent at least knew what I was talking about, but was skeptical about any sure fire compatibility. Did some last minute searches on my cellphone to see what the "best bet" would be. Took the plunge with the Linksys Wireless G PCI Wifi card, product code WMP54G.

I had seen on a blog that you had to find the proper drivers to make it work in 64bit Win7, and I downloaded them. However, after installing the card and running the install software- I'm able to say that it works fine on a fresh install. Haven't done any online gaming or heavy downloading yet to see exact performance, but basic web browsing is snappy and hasn't dropped or given me any grief yet today (knock on wood).

Maybe there should be a sticky for Windows 7 friendly WiFi products? Not sure if it's needed or not, but in my searching I didn't come across any decent comprehensive lists. I did see alot of people with questions about it, though. Hope this helps anyone in the same situation.


that would be nice if they had asticky. i have a wmp54gr and cannot find any 64bit drivers for it. are there any open soure 64 bit drivers for my card,

linksys wireless

im talking about the WMP54GR. i went to the site and for my card there is only vista 32 bit drivers. so i guess im installing 32 bit win7. there aren't even any 64 bit drivers for linux.

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linksys WMP54GR 64-bit

no i dont use a wired connection on this pc. however, i have seen some 64-bit drivers on the RALINK site, specifically the rt61 wireless driver that i used in linux for this card.

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