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Windows 8 List of some best antivirus for Windows 8( free on if possible )


Senior Member
Apr 15, 2012
Anyone help me in getting name of some best antivirus for which I can download for free. If any please share

Just use Microsoft Security Essentials.

I'm guessing that most of the people here do.

Along with that run Malwarebytes, and CCleaner.

I've used all of these for years, no other antivirus software.

I've used Kaspersky for years, it's not free but there's is none better. The new version (2013) is fully compatible with windows 8.
thanks mike, I'm already trying it, but still need some other name in hood ;)
Thnks oldspook for your suggestion kaspersky is listed in ma notepad :)
Especially w/ Windows 8, there exists no real need to go looking.

MSE, as Windows Defender, is embedded & ON, by default. My company recommends this. And the native OS Firewall.

Also, recommend Malwarebytes & CCleaner; SpywareBlaster does no harm, either.

This, also, eliminates a need to buy anything additional, in this context, w/ Windows 8.

Best I could recommend that one can download for free... MSE; not necessary w/ Windows 8.

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I am presently using AVG AV 2013 free on our 2 laptops. I used WD during most of the beta test period. I like the fact that I can set AVG to update virus definitions more than once per day. Plus there is visual evidence when emails are scanned (the free version does scan emails and surfing)