Load a system image on an external hard drive from a windows 7 to windows 8 laptop?


Hoping someone can help me with this as haven't found anything on Google!

I had a windows 7 laptop which finally died but before it did a made a system image backup to my external hard drive so I have all the files. How do I load that onto my new windows 8.1 laptop so I have all my files there?


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If all you need is the files, you can access them by mounting the OS partition .vhdx file with Disk Management. That file can be copied over or even be on an external drive. It will then be like a normal partition you can access.

If you do this, make sure and unmounts the file using Disk Management which is done by right clicking on the left end of the display.

Thanks, sorry but can you give me some steps to guide me how to do this?


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First you need to know which file in your WindowsImageBackup folder you need, so look for the largest .vhdx file.

You can right click the file and select mount. It will show an error, but don't worry. Open Disk Management and the partition should be listed as a separate drive, but you need to add a drive letter to access.

If you start from Disk Management, use the tools menu to Attach VHD and browse for the file. Again you will need to add a drive letter to it. Make sure and Detach it using Disk Management when you are done.

Great, I've managed to do it now, thanks for your help!

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