Locked User File

Hi all,

I just got a brand new computer. It was a gift from my parents. Since my parents know pretty much next to nothing about computers, they got my brother to order it for me.

It seems that when the computer arrived he took it out of the box and named the computer and the user file after himself. I was able to rename the computer, but the user file is locked and I can not figure out how to unlock it so that I can change the name of the file.

Here is a screen shot of the locked file.
This really irritates me. Any help would be awesome.



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If you are using his user, you can make yourself a account and make it an administrative account. Then if you wish, remove the other account. Just make sure you always have an administrative account to use.

Your brother may have just been setting himself up as administrator, but he should have made you an account.

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