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I have what should be an easy-to-resolve problem. The log on screen which appears following start of Win 7 once showed three user accts by name. Now, for no overt reason on my part, the log on screen shows one user by name & one identified as other user. How can I return to the original screen? I have done several sys restore to past dates without success. Please help.


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I'd start by going to Control Panel, User Accounts, Manage Accounts and see what accounts are listed there and what there status is.

It will let you rename, add, or delete accounts.

I don't have any idea why your account list changed but theoretically you should be able to restore the settings you had before.

Also change account privileges etc.


Thank you, Mike, for your reply. I've been there before, but tried again. When I choose change or add account, I am presented with a screen showing the three original sign ins by name...mine, my husband one called guest. This is the original log on screen to which I'd like to return. There is also an account called "ASP.NET Account". I have no idea what this is. I am hesitant to remove it.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


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ASP.NET has something to do with Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

With my XP machine, as soon as it appeared I used to make it a guest account at a minimum and delete it at a maximum. No (known!!) issues.

If you’re just using your computer for personal use (i.e. if you’re not a software developer who needs develop and test software with Internet Information Services (IIS)) you can safely remove this account in one of the following ways:
1) Delete the account, leaving the .NET Framework installed:
• Launch the Computer Management tool within your Administrative Tools folder (under Control Panel)
• Select the Local Users and Groups node
• Click the Users sub node, highlighting the ASPNET account
• Right click the highlighted account and choose delete

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Elmer, thank you for your info on ASP.NET. Have deleted from user accounts without consequence (as of yet!).

Still need to resolve my original log on screen problem.


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P.S. Read the comments for extra pointers!!

Some people had found a .Default user account in the ProfileList and by deleting that the issue was resolved

Elmer, you are WONDERFUL!!! Not only for providing the solution, but going the extra mile to google potential resolutions & providing the results of your research. I read thru the entire thread, followed the detailed instructions, did what Richard McCormick did; ie, deleted the "Default User" entry & it worked like a charm!!!

I too was the victim of a Flip Share software update & would never have associated this action with the consequence it produced. With the growing popularity of Flip Share & similar devices, I am sure there will be others impacted in the future unless corrected by the manufacturer.

Many thanks again for your efforts. Happy New Year!


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Glad to have helped and A Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

Now, where's me grumpy old bugger sticker gone?? :p

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