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Windows 7 Looking for a software to control home Wi-Fi


Senior Member
Feb 12, 2010
Hi everybody
how you doing ?

so, tomorrow i have some relatives coming to my home for 15 weeks.
and i know each of them have a smartphone and they heavy internet consumers.
i have an limited internet plan, that's the problem
i want a software to control my wi-fi internet in home
like disabling some sites, putting max amount of data they can get, disabling downloads, disconnect clients whenever i want,etc..

any help and suggestion is appreciated.
thank you
Upgrading your internet plan might be a good option.. :)

You might be able to use the router to allow access to different users, by time of day or total time a day. There may be other options for Guest accounts in Windows of which I am not aware.

There are probably several alternatives you could find on the net, but I cannot recommend ones with which I am not familiar. So I found the following site that might get you started.

Run Your Home Network Like a Coffee Shop for Easier Guest Access and Family-Friendly Browsing