Windows 10 Lost sound after upgrading to windows 10


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I have a windows stick which plugs into my 22 inch Samsung 22f5100 LED HDTV via HDMI and converts it into a Windows PC.

It came preinstalled with windows 8.1 bing. I've upgraded to Windows 10 pro.

As a result of this upgrade I've lost sound. I tried upgrading sound driver. Did not help. I can't find driver for Samsung tv.

Please suggest any solutions.

CPU:Intel Bay Trail CR,Z3735F
Graphics: lntel HD Graphics
Bluetooth:BT 4.0
ROM:Onboard eMMC Flash 32GB
WIFI:IEEE 802.11b/g/n ,2.4G
OS: Support Windows 8.1
If there was a driver for Windows 8.1 you can try installing that sometimes they will work in Windows 10. Most likely though there isn't Windows 10 support for the TV. Although audio should be carried over the HDMI cable.
I had no issues with sound in 8.1.

There is no driver. The tv was fine with the default 8.1 driver that came preinstalled in windows.

The sound went away when I upgraded to windows 10.

I don't know if the culprit is sound card driver or tv driver.
Can you right click on the sound icon in the system tray (near the time/date) and select Play Back Devices. Which one has a green check mark next to it and what devices do you have available? Screen shot would be handy.
Here's the screenshot
None of us here (I believe) as yet has tried one of these Windows USB stick-TV gadgets yet. I have just seen them recently during a trip to my local Best Buy. It was a Lenovo stick for $99.99 with W10. Intel also makes them for around the same price. I haven't tried to use or upgrade one of these, so I have no idea what could cause it other than the fact that if it was a recent W10 AU update, done after Aug. 2nd 2016 this year, the chances are good the AU update scrambled your sound driver, and there's no way to fix it that I'm aware of. :headache:

You can try to take it to a different smart-TV in your house if you have one, and plug it in there. If you get sound back, it's some problem with your 1st TV not being compatible with W10. That means that your 2nd TV is either new than your 1st TV or is just compatible with the built-in W10 driver that got installed via Plug-n-Play by W10.

That being said if you must fix that 1st TV, you can attempt to use the W10 System Recovery option to "rollback" your windows to W8.1, the earlier version that came on the stick. If the System Recovery asks you for install media, that could be a problem if your 1st TV doesn't have a 2nd USB port. If so, you can use another computer you have that has W7 or W8.1 on it and download the W10 ISO file and burn it to a 2nd USB stick using the free Microsoft MCT tool you can get here for free: Windows 10. This might allow you to return the stick to W8.1 IF you have sufficient room on the Stick to allow the Windows.old directory to be stored, which can take from 3GB-14GB or so. If that directory is on your W10 stick, you can use File Explorer to check this and see if it's there. If it is, there's a good chance you can rollback your Stick to W8.1.:eagerness:

If you are able to rollback your stick to W8.1 and the sound works, the next challenge you will have is to figure out how to disable the Microsoft v1607 AU update from coming into your stick and messing everything up again. This is a HUGE challenge for the millions of W10 users worldwide now for the last month. We see hundreds of W10 AU update issues here weekly. So, until they can fix it properly, I suggest that you take a look at these 2 links to help you disable/delay the W10 AU update from coming into your Stick and forcing a W10 update to occur:

How to temporarily prevent a driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10

Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ

Truth be told here, we are still experimenting with these 2 methods combined and so far we've only seen 4 people total in the last month here on WF who have had the W10 AU update come into their desktop or laptop computer WITHOUT ISSUE! So this is not guaranteed to work. I have applied these 2 fixes to my main laptop (a Sony Vaio 2008), and so far it has resisted the latest update from this week (Oct. 11th) on the Tuesday update push from MS.

This is a standard warning we give, so if you have good backups already done, please ignore!

Lastly, another thing I would consider is to find out the capacity of your TV stick, you can do this in File Explore; and say it's 64GB. You could then pickup a cheap 64GB USB stick, and use one of the good free Image backup programs to make an Image backup file of your TV stick once you get it rolled back to working on W8.1. You'll have to do this on a 2nd working computer desktop or laptop. The 3 recommended Image backup softwares we've tested here on WF are:
1.) Macrium Reflect
2.) Acronis TrueImage
3.) EASETodo
Once you make an Image backup file and store it on your 2nd computer, or on an external hard drive or Cloud storage account, your TV stick would then better protected from the W10 AU updates coming into your TV stick and scrambling it! If that happened, the Recovery method would be to take your broken TV stick over to the 2nd computer and plug it in. Then you can do an Image Restore from your backup file you saved earlier and simply overwrite the recently updated TV stick with W10 AU on it and restore it to it's original W8.1 format, and you'd be back in business on the original Stick in 1-2 hours!:up:

You can also use any of these 3 softwares to Clone your TV stick to an identical size stick (say 64GB in our example) with the working W8.1 image. You can buy a 2nd 64GB USB stick, clone the TV stick image directly from the original W8.1 stick to the 2nd new Stick. Put that away in a drawer somewhere. If the W10 update scrambles your original W8.1 stick, just unplug from your TV, and pull out your 2nd Stick *the backup one*, plug into your TV and you'd be all set to get to go. No waiting for Restore time of 1-2 hours; 5 minutes tops and you are back online again!:up:

Lastly, since none of us have tried our Image backup softwares with one of these TV sticks, it's only a theory and not guaranteed to work. The main issue I see that could be a problem, is that your TV stick manufacturer may have spent the time to copy-protect the original TV stick, especially if it's from one of the big companies such as Lenovo and Intel--those are patented and could be protected via DRM. In that case, my suggested backup method won't work, your current Stick is scrambled forever and there is no fixing it unless you return it to the place you purchased it and get a refund or exchange or Gift Card or something and buy another new one--either W8.1 or W10! :hide:

Let us know how it goes. If you are able to rollback your stick and make a backup Image or Clone it to a 2nd stick it would be helpful if you wouldn't mind sharing your final solution with us here on this thread so other users with a similar problem could benefit from your "sweat-equity" here.:D



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There is no way for me to go back to 8.1. I deleted the old windows restore directory.

Even if i could go back to 8.1, I wouldn't since my wifi was not working on 8.1. Once I upgraded to windows 10, wifi issue was resolved but I lost the sound. Go figure.

I guess I'm stuck with a corrupt device.

I'll post on this thread if I can get around the sound issue.
Did you try going into device manager and Uninstall the device keeping the drive. Click on "Computer" and select "Scan for hardware changes" If that doesn't work uninstall again and choose to delete the driver, scan again to download and install the driver.
Sounds like it to me also. I would return it to the place you purchased it and tell them it never worked right on your TV from day one! :mad: Ask for a full refund, or exchange for another unit, or for a Gift Card or Store Credit if you purchased in a brick-and-mortar retail store. If the place you purchased you won't help your or refund/exchange it, you should call Intel and ask for a new unit. Most consumer computer accessories as the computers themselves come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. This may require some time on the phone with their Tech Support who will want to verify the problem really exists, and they may even attempt to remote in and fix it for you. If this works; you can get it fixed for a free phone call and a few hours of your time. If Tech support determines your device is indeed corrupt, they will send you another one for free. They may require you to pay shipping to them, but the device is so small it will probably be under $15 or so. Still way cheaper than having to go buy an brand new one for around $100 retail as I mentioned in my first post above. If your stick is found to be bad but it's older than the 1 year the factory warranty covers, they may be willing to sell you another one at a discounted price; maybe $50-$80 or something. That's still cheaper than buying a brand new one, but you'll have to factor the $15 of shipping in; so it could wind up costing you $95 to get a replacement from the factory. That's not much of a savings and at that point, I'd recommend telling them thanks but no thanks, and go back to a computer store and just buy a brand new one. :scratch:

Lastly, if you buy a device like this, just like buying any computer or laptop, and something on it doesn't work from day one; it's best not to wait around until the 1 year warranty period runs out and take action to get it fixed or refunded/exchanged before then.

Best of luck,:encouragement: