Lots of crashes after I sent back one bad motherboard. I want to make sure the motherboard is still

I had my first motherboard for about a year before it started crashing, BSOD, locking up, USB ports going out until reboot, and finally not booting past POST. I RMAd the board back to ASUS and also picked up another 2 x 2gb of ram (I got a gift card to newegg).

Everything was fine for about 3 or 4 weeks. Then the PC began crashing once more. I know ASUS didn't send me a new board, so by posting here I'm hoping someone can help me make sure it is the board again and not something else. I have a lot of minidumps so maybe someone will see a pattern.

Quick spec list
Win 7 x64 (fully updated)
CPU - AMD Phenom2 965
Mobo - ASUS M4N75TD (latest BIOS)
RAM - Mushkin 4 x 2gb (991744)older (996778)newer
Video - Nvidia GTX460


PC is still Blue Screening. Happened the other day when I closed Maxthon (web browser). It was an IRQ not less or equal, and looked like it had a problem dumping the info in ram that maxthon was using.

Anywho, still hoping I can figure out what the cause is here..

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