Windows 7 Lots of OS problems


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Hi all, I got alot of problems with windows 7 that I would like if anyone could "fix" for me.

Here are my problems:

Network problem:

- Live Messenger is not working because it says there is something wrong with the keyports (proxy/network options)

- Uploading things is impossible, I just get an error.

Example: Uploading pictures to photobucket

- Internet Explorer does not work at all

- Using firefox I have 2 problems.

1. The browser window jumps up and down from time to time, make it impossible to read or anything

2. I loose my connection from time to time, without seeing anything happening to the network icon. I just get an error when browsing

Booting problem:

- I tryed to boot from the CD. I came to the part when the screen is blue, and u see the "Windows 7, just for testing" icon in the down right corner. There it freezes, and nothing happends (I can move the mouse arrow)

After trying the same thing over and over the screen turned black everytime I booted my PC. Then This happened(next -):

- By rebooting the computer over and over I got to an boot screen that said I could repair the startup. And by pressing that I finaly got to the windows 7 boot option meny. It tryed to repair itself but it said it couldent fix the problem

To the point: Can anyone please help me? Im so tired of this that Im actually considering Vista soon :eek:
do a complete re-install of 7, sounds like it is majorly corrupted.

as for the "freeze" during install: that's can happen. it happened on the computer of a friend of mine, and then it can take some time until you see a windows (can take about 10 minutes). he was able to install without problems regardless of this.
Hmm. I c. I didnt have the problem before. It happened some weeks after I installed Windows 7

Btw: I didnt install it when it freezed. I was just trying to repair the OS
Windows Live Messenger, I have the same issue. I can upload things fine, without any issues. Have uploaded pictures etc no problems. The IE doesn't work for me either, I just get a page cannot be displayed. Firefox works fine, doesn't jump around at all.

Weird.. lol