M$ vs Hackers

Joe S

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I notice on some other sites there are leaked updates from MS. Looking through the comments one of the posters was whining that one of the new updates broke his Activation. He said I used Hazar/Orbit 1.5 tool another poster popped up mine is still working and posted pics of it I forget the name. LOL are they to dumb to realize MS is constantly monitoring forums? Anybody else think MS has plenty of mines ready to plant when Windows 7 goes public and probably for the rest of the year? Or maybe they have some already built in and just need to be turned on? Don't you love their attitude something they stole got wrecked by the people they stole it from and they are upset.

I've no doubt that Microsoft has many many little "mines" planted for when Windows 7 launches.. ;) Time will tell of course but I bet we'll see a surge in the whining department.. ;)

sounds like that Trojan Horse story 'eh? :D


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Combatting the crackers is always a reactive process, and hardly ever a proactive one. They're almost always one step ahead, and there's nothing Microsoft can do, except wait for their software to get cracked.

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