Windows 7 Major Windows 7 Error: Blank Screen Upon Log-In


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Jan 15, 2009
Hi. I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 beta yesterday. It was working fine until I shut it down. When I restarted and logged back in, I just had a black screen with the words:
Windows 7
For testing purposes only. Build 7000
in the bottom right corner. The only thing on screen was a single Windows explorer window that allowed me to open all of my files.
I've tried re-doing the upgrade process, but nothing works. It says that I have to restart Windows to install important updates, but I've got no possible way to restart it so that the updates can get installed.
I tried doing a system restore, but it said it couldn't do that because the OS was corrupted in the C: drive. I had it schedule a disk check for when it restarted, but after I tried to restart, it didn't do anything.
I'm desperate for some help. Please respond soon, this is a major problem that I'd like assistance with soon.
Do not use the upgrade option on a beta operating system ever. Try to do a clean install and it should work fine.
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