Make Use Of posted a new Windows 10 Steam speedup Guide

Well I would have to disagree with the step to increase the priority on the steam service. The priority only has to do with CPU priority and won't really have any impact on the network speed.
Yeah, I've got my network tweaked in Windows 10 and it's been like that since every clean install.
I won't really find out if the tweaks from the article really make anything better, until September when I have my 2 new ssd's in and do another clean install then.
No plans for anymore clean installs until the bigger ssd upgrades are put in.
This feels about right
Good one. 3 of my games last week were from the sale and the 4th was a freebie I heard about on GameSources.
Steam Sale:
Dishonored, Outland and the Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings Deluxe.
Ryse Son of Rome - download it and play it for 5 minutes and it's free.
Apparently GameSources is doing that with one game a month.
The games left on my to get list are from Origin and the Windows Store.
BattleField 1 Deluxe & Titanfall 2 Deluxe Combo
Windows Store:
Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate
Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate
Plus both's non-included dlc over time.