Windows 8 Math problem concern Fat32 and a MicroSD card.


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Oct 16, 2009
Considering the information below regarding the restrictions on a Fat32 partition. The question has arisen so a clarification regarding the wording of the files is necessary.

So, suppose you have a parent folder which contains no files but many child folders, approx. 660.

Each one of those child folders contains 100 files. Therefore total files are 66,000.

The clarification needs to be as to what exactly is meant by "single folder" so that it could be determined if the 66,000 files contained in the child folders would cause any of the limitations below to be exceeded. Or another way to put it, do the number of files in the child folders count toward the parent folder limitations?

Might sound a little strange, but I have a scanner radio which seems to have problems when the number of recorded audio files on the microSD card gets close to 60,000 in those child folders, even though the "Single Child Folders" only have 100 each.

Just thought someone might be bored...


  • Maximum disk size: 2 terabytes
  • Maximum file size: 4 gigabytes
  • Maximum number of files on disk: 268,435,437
  • Maximum number of files in a single folder: 65,534
Yes the main folder counts all files/ folders and parts inside it... you would partition the hdd (microsd may not allow... I've never tried) to reset the storage limits;
old = one 200 gig hdd with one big folder,
new = two 100 gig partitions each with one mid sized folders
OK, thanks for the response. There are folks on the Radio site saying that limitation is not involved, but when the same problems arise with the the same number of files on either a 4 GB or 8 GB microSD card, I have to think the limitation is the cause.

The only other thing might be he radio firmware and how it handles writing to the card...

Thanks again.
There is also Windows (read ahead) design i.e explorer will try to scan every item in a folder (all 66+000) and thats a major bite out of your ram/ cpu resources... bottom line is having that many files all together is asking for trouble.
This isn't so much about Windows as Fat32. I have decided, when the radio starts rebooting again, I will move some of the recorded audio files to another folder in the root directory to see if the rebooting stops. Deleting some of the files does help, so I feel your information is correct.

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