Media Center Configuration backup

Is there any way to back up a configuration for Media Center which would include channel lists, tuner settings, series recording options, etc? As I've used the beta and reinstalled several times as I try new things, that has always been a pain.

I'm also interested in backing up Media Center configurations and season passes. I don't mind re-running Setup so much, but re-configuring all of the season passes is a major frustration.

I already tried copying all of the Media Center related folders I could find in the Program Files folder, Program Data folder, Users/username/AppData local and roaming folders - but re-importing all of these folders into a fresh W7 install did not restore the Season Passes, and seemed to break the MSN/On Demend video stuff, so I had to re-install again. Maybe Media Center is storing this stuff in the Registry? I'd hope not.

Thanks for any input as I will be wiping and re-installing W7 OEM once it becomes available, so figuring out how to export and re-import the Media Center settings/passes would be awesome...

Randy V.

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