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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by drac, Feb 25, 2007.

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    Feb 20, 2007
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    I upgraded from 2GB of memory to 4GB of memory in my Vista x64 gaming rig and experienced a bunch of problems.

    First, my machine only recognized 3GB of the installed 4GB. A friend told me to fix this I just had to enable mapping around the hardware memory hole. And that worked as far as the machine would recognize that 4GB were installed. Although right away there were a bunch of other problems. It caused popping in my speakers and didn't recognize a lot of my hardware such as my microphone, printer, and sound drivers. Also the index score for memory went from 5.2 with my 2GB to a 4.0!

    So I disabled the mapping and let the machine only recognize 3GB, the driver and speaker problems went away but the index score for my memory still only gave me a 5.0, which is lower than the score I got with 2GB of the same memory.

    I would like to find a way for my system to recognize all 4GB of the memory installed of course without experiencing driver and speaker problems and also have an index score that recognizes the upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.

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